About Us

Whiteenergy.com presents itself as an engineering company which activity is focus, actually,
in the area of energy, in the studies of technical and economical solutions or in the consulting
and auditioning area, where the renewable energies occupied an area of great significance.
The energy efficiency projects developed by the company consist on solutions directed to the
reducing of electricity consumption, while the benefits generated by the company under study
are maintained or increased.
Along its existence, Whiteenergy.com has tried to find the answer to the demands of its diverse
range of clients, assuming that the technical solutions in projects involving the use of energy
cannot be detached from their economic and environmental implications. So, in this field, the
company always presents itself with an intervenient posture, guiding its clients for their most
viable scenario.
In the near future, the energy certification of buildings will be another large activity area,
being an extension of the services until now provided by the company and, consequently,
an opportunity to provide a complementary service to its clients. In the context of this
complementarity, also are developed services for the certification of quality and environment
management systems.


Improvement of the energetic and environmental performance of each of our clients,
insurance the continuous accompaniment during all the implementation process of the
solutions proposed and the evaluation process inherent to the energetic systems.

Vision & Philosophy

Through the existence of an interventive posture and a continuous monitoring philosophy,
theWhiteenergy.com ensures a differentiated offer and high quality of services. Allied
to the accuracy and teamwork, quality of services and expertise in its development,
the company creates value for its customers, thus ensuring its consolidated growth.

Quality Policy

•   To meet the expectations of the interested parties, as our clients, fulfilling with the maximum of doing well to the first
•  Maximize business results, thereby boosting business growth
•  To maintain a cohesive and motivated work team for the challenges of everyday life
•  Provide a propitious environment and enhancer for the creation of ideas, with added value, ensuring the competences of the resources
•  Betting on differentiated and innovative services
•  Continuously improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our Integrated Quality Management and Research, Development and Innovation System, properly preserving the strengths and identifying weaknesses in advance.

Activity Sectors

Extractive industry and natural stone
Energy - Services / Renewable energies
Creative Industries (Architecture,Art and Engineering)
Services and trade
Textile / fashion
Processing industry (extraction of aluminum, wastes, wood industry,
furniture, forests, metalomechanics, etc.)