Company Braguinox
Reciclagem de Metais, Lda,


Project Undertaken
Diagnosis of energy efficiency

This diagnosis had an extended scope. Through the realization of the work of Simple Energy Audit / Diagnosis, conducted in the installations of the company, corresponding to the initial part of this study, it became possible to indicate several economically viable solutions for the stabilization and reduction of energy consumption of the company, including the implementation of a photovoltaic system of self-consumption to support the power supply of the production process and a natural lighting system. Thus, this study, in a second strand, has focused on the study and design of optimal sizing and in the feasibility study for the implementation of the solutions listed in the Energy Rationalization Plan. In the end, the project still wanted study and monitor the behavior of the electrical consumption, before and after the implementation of the photovoltaic system, for thereby may be known the real viability of the investment.