Wood Sawmill of the Albano Leite
da Silva, Lda.

Celorico de Bastos

Project Undertaken
Diagnosis of energy efficiency

Realization of an Energy Audit during the period of Jan 2010-Oct-2011 to allow the characterization of energy consumption of the installation, by identifying them and quantifying them discriminately in different sectors and most relevant equipment.
Based on the data obtained through this audit, it became clear that there are several opportunities to improve the energy performance of the installation, including the level of some of the areas and equipment, serving as an example, the implementation of a Photovoltaic System for self-consumption, whose implementation project and optimal dimension was performed during this study.
Besides the implementation of the proposed photovoltaic system in the Sawmill, has been suggested other practices enumerated in the Rationalization of energy plan, which aimed to improving the management and continuous energy efficiency in the company, such as the implementation of voltage regulators in the engines where failures were detected associated to the startup of the engines, and implementing an energy management system for easy, maximized and continuous monitoring of energy consumption, by the executives.