Projecto QREN

The - Soluções Integradas, Lda., relies on the support of the
National Strategic Reference Framework Program (NSRF), through its SI Qualification
PME project No. º 21910, whose main objective is related to the assistance in the
creation of and its consolidation, not only in the Portuguese market,
but also in international markets such as Spain, Brazil and Mozambique.
The QREN is intended to support traded activities and companies oriented to the export
market. As such, its main objective and priority boils down to supporting existing
businesses in the Portuguese market who want to strengthen its presence in external
markets, thereby ensuring a greater orientation of the national product to the external
demand. The issues outlined above are underlying to the project.
This project allowed the company materialized through the investment in the creation
and modernizing of its organizational structure, the qualification of its employees and
prospects of developing contacts and leading to their internationalization.
The internationalization shows this way an inescapable factor for the,
taking into account that some of its clients expand into the external market. Thus,
besides the company is already working for clients who wish to invest in their
internationalization, have been high and carried out some recognition
and prospecting visits to several external markets, in order to exploit the opportunities
that may be derived directly from them.