Granite Industry of the

Celorico de Bastos

Project Undertaken
Study of Water Recycling and Pressing of Sludge

This report was conducted in the context of the study of implementation of a system of water recycling in the installations of the GRAVICANEZ, with the aim to the continuous improvement of environmental and economic management of the company, to achieve the desired degree of sustainable development by the company.
For a correct perception of reality of the company, initially were listed and described the environmental impacts inherent to the company's activity and its consequences on the environment, giving more emphasis to the impacts associated to water resources. After this analysis, were then enumerated the solutions to mitigate the environmental impacts found initially, proceeding to the design of the solution more economic and environmental viable for the company in question. It was then dimensioned and designed a system of water recirculation and sludge filtering, according to the needs of the company.
Finally, and in order to try, in a near future, that all environmental impacts inherent to this production process are mitigated, were also studied and enumerated some options that are under investigation, for the optimization of the wastes from the sludge treatment, through the reuse them for the production of several construction materials, as roof tiles and blocks.