Stone Quarry of the
Forma Redonda - Britagem, Lda.


Project Undertaken
Study and energetic design

Performed in the context of providing the more viable economically and environmental energy system, to replace its previous primary method of energy production (Diesel Generator).
The sector of activity, where the Forma Redonda - Britagem, Lda fits, assists to a high energy consumption, either electric or fossil fuel. On this point, Forma Redonda - Britagem, Lda, was aware to the energy issues resulting from its area of activity, assuming a unique innovative character.
The company intended and designed, since the planning stage up to the present day, a production system fully self-sufficient in energy terms. To this end, the company designed the installation of a mix of alternative energies, with enough potential energy to fuel all the referred flight phase of the production process.
However, after this study, which were carried out analyzes, where all the variables associated to the business process were studied and analyzed (economic and environmental variables, turnover and future prospects of the company) it is concluded that the most feasible solution for the company would be the implementation of a system of low voltage, whose design was also done in the context of this study.